Top Social Media Apps 2023

Top Social Media Apps social media platforms are purp – Make new Friends, Vskit: Short Video, Link More, Meetup: Social Events & Groups, and, BeReal. These are inarguably the largest and most popular social media platforms in the

Purp – Make New Friends

The social media application purp – Make New Acquaintances was created by Hubo Labs. Since July 2020, the APK has been accessible. More than one million people have downloaded purp – Make New Acquaintances. It is rated highly.

Top Social Media Apps Based on 25,657 reviews, it has a rating of 4.48 out of 5 stars. On August 19, 2023, the app received its most recent update. The content is rated “Medium Maturity” on purp – Make New Friends.


The most recent version of purp – Make New Friends is 2.2.2, and the APK download size is 69.81 MB. Designed for Android 7.0 and up. Making new friends is a FREE download from purp.

The best location to meet new people from around the world is on purp! Explore diverse cultures, make new friends, and embark on your own journey. How, as you asked? It’s easy: To send a friend request, first swipe right.

You two can now talk and view each other’s social media after receiving a notification when they accept your invitation. Describe yourself You may add pictures, videos, a creative bio, and even go yolo and change the colors of your profile to make it uniquely yours.

Obtain Gems To send swipes, you need gems. But earning them is quite simple: – Spread the word about Purp to your friends – Check in daily – Meet new people on Purp! We ask that you adhere to one guiding principle when using purp: always be kind. If you want to share feedback with us or have a suggestion for purp,

The best location to meet new people from around the world is on purp! Explore diverse cultures, make new friends, and embark on your own journey.

Vskit: Short Video, Link More

There are many social networks in the virtual world, but few of them provide anything genuinely innovative or compelling. This app, created by the Transnet Media studio, is an exception. Make and share amusing short movies, or enjoy viewing those made by other people.

A social network of short videos. Vskit is a social network with two separate sections for each purpose. We have the traditional social network wall on the one hand, where we may watch a variety of video clips uploaded by other members. Additionally, we may “like” them, follow the people, interact with them, share their videos, and comment on their efforts. Additionally, it provides a duet feature that allows us to record ourselves impersonating the characters or individuals from the videos that we have enjoyed the most.

Using the brand-new Vskit App, capture your amazing life! One of the coolest apps on Google Play, it functions as a platform for sharing and interacting with amusing short videos. Finally, it introduced a number of activity contests, stickers, and other effects centered on the topic.

Vskit App is a smartphone application mostly used for sharing and enjoying quick funny videos. Not to mention, it’s a platform like TikTok, although it mostly targets Africa instead of Asia.

To locate more of their films, people can also follow users who are interesting to them. Additionally, users have the ability to contribute live comments and favorites to videos. Additionally, individuals can post their preferred videos on social media websites. like posting directly to their Facebook and WhatsApp statuses.

Meetup: Social Events & Groups

Seek out others who are interested in the same things you are, and engage with them offline and online. You can create a professional network using Meetup, a social networking site with millions of users. Make connections with like-minded individuals, join a tech group, build your personal brand, and make time for your hobbies.

Top Social Media Apps You can form groups of people who share your enthusiasm for things like following your interests, participating in local or online events, or holding discussions and quickly make friends with them.

By using the Meetup app, you may create your own events or attend one of the 100,000 weekly events that attract new attendees.


Spend time online and offline pursuing your passions with others who do the same. Meetup enables you to find friends with like interests, develop a personal brand, find a tech community, expand your professional network, and find time for your hobbies.

You can quickly make friends with people you get along with and form groups of people who are enthusiastic about the same things as you are about pursuing your interests, taking part in local or online events, or having discussions.

BeReal: The Best Social Media App

BeReal is the best social media app. Users of the app are prompted to provide an unedited photo of their daily activities. Top social media app When a person submits their own BeReal, they can afterward study the image that has been shared with their friends or the general public.

Now I’m done. Compared to the social media you’re used to utilizing on your favorite social apps, BeReal offers a more genuine experience.

Top social media app

Your iOS or Android phone allows you to share memories from your life immediately, and reminders each day encourage you to take a snapshot of what you’re doing and email it to pals in an effort to beat the clock. You are not compelled to grow your following or the number of likes on your posts. However, there is a catch.

Top Social Media App

The best social media platforms make it simple to post photos of your daily life with pals. Check out Apkhavn and take advantage of the newest apps.