Top Social Media Apps- BeReal App Latest Version for Android

Social media now plays a very important role in our daily lives, enabling us to communicate with friends, family, and people all over the world. There are numerous methods to share, interact, and communicate thanks to the range of platforms available. Top social media app BeReal is one of the best social media apps.

BeReal: The Best Social Media App

BeReal is a slightly unique social media site from what you’re used to. The app asks users to share an unedited photo of what they’re doing each day. Top social media app Once the user posts their own BeReal, they can examine the image that has been distributed to their friends or the public more on later. I’m done now. BeReal delivers a more authentic experience than the social media you’re used to using on your favorite social apps. Utilizing your iOS or Android phone, you may immediately share memories from your life. Every day, you’ll receive messages telling you to take a picture of what you’re doing and email it to friends in an effort to beat the clock. Increasing your following or the number of likes on your postings is not required of you. But there is a condition.


You can’t put a filter on your life to make it look more intriguing than it actually is. BeReal is a chance to view and portray the real individuals who are behind the camera, as terrifying as that may sound. Everything you need to know about using the app is provided here if you want more open friendships.

How Does BeReal Work?

 As we know that BeReal is social media app that encouraged people to, well, be real. Filters are absent. without edit buttons. No money exchange. The absence of adverts and follower count on the platform serves as further evidence that this isn’t an app that people use to gain notoriety. BeReal offers viewers a glimpse into real life; it’s spontaneous, uncensored, and gives visitors a true understanding of someone else’s day. The BeReal app notifies you daily that it is “Time to BeReal. This challenge encourages you to snap an unedited photo of yourself doing what you’re doing right now and share it with the public.

Unlike other social media apps, BeReal gives you two minutes to take a photo and upload it after receiving the message. BeReal gives you two minutes to take a photo and upload it after getting the notification, unlike other social media apps. Before posting, you don’t have time to alter the picture with a photo app. The best you can do to get ready for your selfie is to make a few tiny changes to your surroundings and appearance. Subsequent to the post going live, you can edit the caption.

It’s a fantastic way to let others in on an unfiltered element of your life, but you are under no obligation to do so. You won’t be able to read other people’s posts unless you make a post of your own as well.

BeReal notifications arrive at erratic times, making them difficult to anticipate. They might surface while you’re at work or asleep, and whether you have the time or access to your phone will determine whether you post. People may see your face and your action in one post thanks to the app’s simultaneous use of selfies and back cameras.

You can only post photographs and not videos using this app. Additionally, each day is limited to one photo posting. Use TikTok or other video-focused applications if you become bored scrolling through the app.

How do you use Bereal?

How does BeReal operate then? It’s quite simple. We’re punishing ourselves for not thinking of it first because it’s so simple.

  • Get the BeReal app from the Apkhavn store. Open the app, create an account by providing your name, birthdate, and phone number. A security code used to confirm your identity will be given to you. After that is finished, you can move forward and select a username.
  • Friends from your contacts list can be added. You can always do this later, but it’s best to do it at account creation time. If your friends aren’t currently using BeReal, you can invite them.
  • Watch for the message that says “It’s time to BeReal.” Every day, at a random hour, you will receive this notification, so there is no opportunity to tease arrange your shot. You have two minutes from the time this message arrives to post.
  • Post your picture online. After taking your picture, you can view your friends’ BeReals from the same day and leave comments or emoji-based reactions. Even better, you can respond with a RealMoji, which effectively makes you a response icon.
  • Give the caption. Once your photo has gone public, you can add a caption.

What occurs if a BeReal is missed?

It’s not the end of the world if you miss a BeReal. There are no meaningful repercussions. If you post after the two-minute time has passed, your friends will be able to see it. You cannot view other people’s BeReals from the day if you make no posts at all. And everything is OK. You may have been at a wedding, the cinema, the pool, or the bathroom. The BeReal app was developed with the notion that not everyone is glued to their phone 24 hours a day, so you won’t miss anything if you don’t post.

Is BeReal a dating app?

It cannot pass for a dating app because there is no direct messaging feature. The most intriguing aspect of BeReal, in my opinion, is how well-timed and somewhat too late it is.

With Friends, Be Sincere and Genuine: Building Online Communities

BeReal is a fantastic way to interact with people on a more personal level. However, you should exercise caution while exposing personal information, just as you do on most social media platforms. Everyone can see information about your private life when you include them in photos, such as your location or daily schedule. The software automatically activates and shares your location with posts in order to locate people you may know and assist them in finding you. Before you post something, think about disabling the feature from your phone’s notification panel if you’re concerned about privacy.

Post your BeReal on other social media networks. You’ll have the ability to save and share your BeReal once you’ve taken it. You can share your snap straight to other social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat rather than sending it to pals via text or iMessage.

 Discovery mode. Keep your BeReal captured before publishing. If you’re using an iPhone, tap the ‘My Friends Only’ option, change it to ‘Discovery,’ and then send it. Click “Send” on an Android device, then under the “Send to…” header, choose “Everyone discovery. By doing this, your post becomes visible to everyone on the BeReal Discovery page.

Top Social Media App

The top social media app called BeReal is the simplest photo-sharing app to share once a day your real life in photo with friends. Don’t forget to check Apkhavn and enjoy the latest apps